itinerary cut & paste from the website

7:45 pm -8:45 pm : The Unbreakable Popsicle Stick Gang [details]
From the people who brought you such past fringe smash hits as How I Learned To Drive, A Closer Walk With Jean Chretien, Nucklehead Fever, Bonnie Dangerously and Ice Cream comes a true story about Mom’s, Magic and Miracles. You’ll laugh…you’ll cry…but most of all…you’ll believe!!! PS. Come help One Crazy Frenchman celebrate 20 years @ the Fringe!

CLOSING PARTY: Sunday, Sept. 17th 8pm, Fringe Club.
Celebrate the closing of the Festival with, the Raffle Draw, the Scavenger Hunt results and the Georgia Straight’s Critic’s Choice Award, presented by the Straight’s own beloved and feared theatre critic, Colin Thomas.

11:00 pm -11:59 pm : The Excursionists [details]
England has sunk! Two English Gentleman, Lord Necksycracksy & Professor Goggins are sans country. Equipped with their whimsy, their wit, and their Britannic bravado, they set off on an adventure of aristocratic proportions. WARNING: This show is performed at a depth of 20,000 leagues. Contains strong themes of Imperialism and Victorian science fiction. May cause scurvy.

my ex is in the show tonight, maybe I’ll get to meet his wife.

My computer snapped yesterday, a nasty electrical crack that tells of either a power source or a motherboard. The acrid scent resulting leans me toward thinking it was a power source failure. I suspect that my power bar doesn’t have the surge protector I assumed it did and the fridge turned on at an inopportune time. I live in an old building. Currently I’m thefting minutes on my roommate’s computer until I can get it fixed. It’s a highly unreliable way to stay in contact, but feel free to continue sending letters, I will eventually get them, though I won’t be reading my flist at all. Also, all of my phone-numbers are now inaccessible. You have to leave your number when you call, else I have no way of getting ahold of you unless Andrew has your number in his phone.

I plan on sending Ryan out today, in fact, to see what can be done about fixing my quiet machine. I can only twitch on without it for so long without a base madness setting in. Today after work, the distraction is to the THE PARTY NOT STARRING PETER SELLERS, the 10 o’clock showing.