FYI: Van-flakiness alert!

Seemingly at the Very Last Minute, Boca Del Lupo has pulled out from their show at FUSE tonight. As a result, I am not going.

Nor is Duncan and Gerald couldn’t make it anyway. So there. (FUSE will be notably less full of tall people by their absence). Sorry if anyone else was planning on finding me there. Instead, Silva and I are going to go to Locus through Michael‘s good graces. (Which should cheer him up too).

I’ll very likely be available for other shenanigans later in the evening. If you want to get ahold of me, I suggest leaving a message either here or on my phone. Rumour says there’s a house-party.

You know I want you to want to

FUSE: who’s with me?

Boca Del Lupo is a guarantee of a good time, and Steve Reich is one of those people who’s so good at what he does I continually forget he’s a real person. So far Duncan’s says he’s coming, and I have a Maybe from Gerald, (the Bowan Island rock-star viking).

Also at the Art Gallery – this Saturday is the Annual Pillow-Fight Flashmob. The time for pillow-bopping, rain or shine, is 3 pm sharp, not a minute sooner. (Set your watches to Transit Time.) Bring your fluffiest weapons of mass-destruction The pillow-fight will end at 3:15.

There are very few rules, but they’re essential.

1. Look inconspicuous. Hide your pillow until it’s time. You’ll spoil the surprise if you draw attention to yourself. No obvious congregating beforehand. There are plenty of places nearby to casually wait.

2. Do not boff anyone without a pillow. Do not boff people with cameras unless invited to do so. USE COMMON SENSE.

3. At 3:15, vanish like feathery ninjas.