robots need love too

My darling friend Dan Mangan has just been dubbed the Next Big Indie King by the Georgia Straight this week, just in time for his sold out CD Release party shows tonight and tomorrow at the grand re-opening of the Cultch. Apparently he’s even on the cover! I can’t wait to snag a copy.

Tony and I have tickets to his show tomorrow. Who else is going?

dan mangan – basket
dan mangan – the indie queens are waiting
dan managan – journal of a narcoleptic
dan mangan – robots (performed live at the vancouver folk fest)
dan mangan – so much for everyone (live at the vancouver folk fest)

For those who aren’t local, check his site for upcoming dates.

And with a lip this fat, we can tickle all the “bits”. (I never do stop missing him.)

that 1 guy – mustaches

My wackiest sweetheart Mike, That 1 Guy, has done it again, this time wearing all black out in the middle of the hot Nevada desert to wear fake mustaches for your amusement.

The new video is so much fun, he’s devoting the next leg of his never ending tour to Mustaches and Laserbeams!! If you buy tickets for November’s Mustaches & Laserbeams Tour before Aug 27, you get a free download of Ki:Theory’s remix of Mustaches. Also, every presale ticket enters you to win a signed Mustaches & Laserbeams silk screen poster & tour t-shirt. (One winner per show.)

The start of the Mustaches and Laser Beams Tour:

November 5: Sioux Falls, SD. Nutty’s North.
November 6: Fargo, ND. The Aquarium – Dempsey’s Upstairs.
November 7: Minneapolis, MN. The Cabooze.
November 11: Montreal, QC. L’Astral.

November 12 : South Burlington, VT. Higher Ground.
November 13: Allston, MA. Harpers Ferry.
November 14: Philadelphia, PA. World Cafe Live.
November 15: Vienna, VA. Jammin’ Java.
November 20: Denver, CO. Quixote’s True Blue.
November 21: Fort Collins, CO. Hodi’s Half Note.
November 22: Aspen, CO. The Belly Up.

September 12: Clarks Grove, MN – Harvestfest at Harmony Park.
September 15: Seattle, WA – The Moore Theatre, (supporting Porcupine Tree).
September 16: Portland, OR – The Roseland Theatre, (supporting Porcupine Tree).
September 18: San Francisco, CA – Warfield Theatre, (supporting Porcupine Tree).

September 25: Bloomington, IN – Lotus World Music & Arts Festival.
September 27: Chicago, IL – Beat Kitchen Chicago.
October 1 – 5 : Noumea, New Caledonia – Femmes Funk.

time to live

Amanda Palmer – Everybody’s Gotta Live

I’ve got a sudden photography gig tonight, very last minute. Nothing fancy, only a conference dinner sort of thing. People making speeches, possibly some accountants schmoozing after. Their photographer had to cancel to attend to a funeral, and Lisa was kind enough to recommend me as her replacement. In order to save them, I had to cancel my original plans to attend the Workless party party, but I figure it’s for a good cause, both for them and for myself. It’s been too long since I’ve had an opportunity fall into my lap to swoop in and easily excel at something, soothing panicked people happy. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I can still go dancing after.

COILHOUSE: Better than Coffee – The Flocking Behavior of Starlings.

go out with a bang, but not, but yes, but no, but YES!!

That 1 Guy live at the Railway Club, April 5th, picture by Keith loh

Last night was stellar! I’ve been getting incredible enthusiastic thank-you’s from all the people I convinced to come down. Here’s a sneak peek of some of what you missed, (but wait, there’s more). There’s one more chance, though! Not all hope is lost!

Tonight! One night only! The Railway Club, doors at seven, show at eight!

That 1 Guy as interviewed by Chris Clark for (2008-03-22):

Mike Silverman is a man of many talents. Beginning his career as a classically-trained upright bassist, he has long since become an individual orchestra, performing a multitude of concise and elaborate sounds with two hands and two feet. Based in Berkeley, Silverman is a fixture on the live music circuit. Armed with the magic pipe (you have to see it to understand), That 1 Guy is undoubtedly one of the most unique and innovative musical acts around. had the pleasure with catching up with Silverman the day before his spring tour commenced to discuss all things That 1 Guy.

Tell us a little bit about your musical background. Where did it all start?

My father was a professional jazz bass player in the 60’s-70’s. By the time I was born; he had changed careers and put his upright bass in the closet. When I was old enough to find it, he was about to plant ferns in it out in the back yard as part of the landscaping (true story). I told him that I wanted to play it. He was just happy to see it getting some use. He was also my first teacher. I got into jazz and classical early on, at about 10 years old. Then rock, funk, punk, blues, etc. My dad always told me that if I played bass, I’d always be in demand because “no one played bass, but everyone needs a bass player”. He was right. By the time I learned where a few of the notes were, I was already in 5 bands, and it never really slowed down for years. That is of course until I quit all my bands to play by myself. Then I invented this other instrument out of steel pipes and don’t play bass anymore at all. Boy, that story has a strange ending. What was the question again?

…to read the rest of the article, click here

I’ll be dropping in after work

Some of you locals may be interested to know that my tall friend Andrew, the musician with the bath-tub truck who carries around conversational sound-effects in his pockets, has a new weekly gig at The End Cafe on Commercial Drive. (2360 Commercial Drive) His blues band, The Lab Rats*, have started playing there every Thursday from 9-11 pm.

*don’t hold the font against him, he’s new at this internet thing.

I’ll see you where it’s bold

That 1 Guy‘s remaining 2007 tour dates:

December 1, 2007 – Fort Worth, TX- 6th Street Live
December 6, 2007 – Calgary, AB- The Liberty Lounge
December 7, 2007 – Edmonton, AB- Starlite Room

December 8, 2007 – Winnipeg, MB – West End Cultural Centre

Five things you might do with “all that ass”
1. open a modest home ass business
2. serve hot meals of ass to the less fortunate
3. hold a weekend “Ass Sale” on your lawn
4. make colorful ass gift bags for the holidays
5. give sympathetic testimony for recovering hump drunks

Doug Deep playing Vancouver? You know where I’ll be.

A dear acquaintance, (an accurate twist of language), has come up from California to play us some really damned good shows. (And hopefully party with some friends. Rock the hell on.) Bonus: Patrick Haavisto, the charming fellow who intodruced us, will also be playing.

Doug Deep, (formerly of WOW), has some local tour dates!

November 10th at the Blu Lounge and November 11th at The Cellar.

I didn’t join so much as I was assimilated

I’m front page at Sinister Bedfellows this week. buy my book.

Originally uploaded by Foxtongue.

So very suddenly I find myself attached to a band. A band that is going on tour this weekend. I only found out yesterday, but the plans are well in place. I’m not sure how this happened, that I’m coming along, but it seems I am some sort of package deal. I’m going to Victoria this afternoon to hook up with Nikky for his gig, then I’m to meet a van-load of musicians at some random cross-roads disastrously early tomorrow morning to go to Gabriola for a concert at their wine festival. Sunday we’re back in Victoria and only returning to Vancouver for Monday night. I foresee a lot of not sleeping, really. Part of me is glad and part of me wants to know what the hell I think I’m doing. I’m not a musician, it rails, I’m barely even a writer!

Monkeyfluids is pretty good today, thanks to Michael for reminding me it exists.

Yesterday I went to a surreal educational puppet show about bees put on by DeeDee, a transgendered line-backer of a harpist from New York who drives a giant custom tricycle. It was in the park near my house and I know Vern, the fellow who made most of the bees. April was there. Strange days on paper, but alright in person. I’m still unemployed, though I’m crossing my fingers for a local PA job that looks like it would be utterly perfect for my odd myriad media skills. (I have a viral marketing gig for September lined up in case everything else falls through). Last night I got some recording done at my mother’s house, so there’s a mp3 polished ready to send out to the darling people who thought I was worth paying for. There will be more when I return. It’s been a stupidly busy and unexpected time lately, I’m sure you understand. See you after the cut.

Jesus Monkey Pants in Space has a new home on Warren‘s The Engine.