artpost: Happy Belated Birthday Mer. May you be swoopily grumptious the whole year through!

Frog Can Fly, by Mila Kalnitskaya & Micha Maslennikov.

Using plastic, metal, and live frogs “because they are small and light.”

Two of the frogs involved, Siberian Postman and Fly of Destiny are now pets of the artists.

lost jewelry

Hey Everyone,

I was part of the Frozen Vancouver flashmob-esque happening down at the Art Gallery today and while it was wonderful, fantastic, and fun, I lost my antique ferret pin. It’s a silver brooch about an inch and a half long with a tiny rhinestone eye. I love it dearly, as I wear it in remembrance of a pet. If anyone picked it up or knows someone who did, I’d dearly appreciate getting it back.


Surprise Speakers

Today I get to go out and return with something that will make my love stupidly happy. I wish I could do that much more often.

I waited today, for the phone to ring.
It didn’t.

On the other end was to be a friend. I was to return her books, those that I have, and we were to go and let her forget about her young, single-motherhood for an hour or two.

Seems not to be.

I found the glass spider that I had brought home to my Love almost a year ago. It has been missing for almost that long. It glitters and I imagine it to be full of poison, as if in a cliched story from the sci-fi 80’s. It is perched on the shelf above the keyboard, ready to drop upon my hands and devour me. *grins* But I am the writer, and I write the story, (though I start sentences with words like “but”, which is a bit of a misdemeaner), and I have decided that the spider is my protector. My jeweled guard against humanities ills. It was amusing, at the time. We saw it in the shop window together and both secretly decided that we must gift it to the other. I beat him to it, so we decided that it is ours. When I make us cloaks, then, we will squabble. *laughs*

I have a wonderful pattern for a long, elegant coat with a clerics collar. My plans are to sew one for Aubrey in deep red Velvet. Black-red, like menses, with cuffs of death or crimson.