Roomate Update

I was caught in a thought last night, unable to sleep. Awake and aware hours past I should have. Three thirty came bringing the police to the door. I came flying, askew, ina bundle to the door. Bill was sparked out of sleep. “Do you know Marshall White?” I nod and tell her to come around back, as our front door is broken.

By the time she wends her way past the brushpile, through the back, (lucky police carry flashlights), M’love and I have convened at the back door. “what is happening” “the police have marshall” “excuse the hour, but do you two know if marshall takes drugs?”

He had frightened the battlehardened store clerks at the 7-11 to calling the police. The bluesuited help arrived and called an ambulance. We were not informed what his behaviour had been. Enough, apparently, that they were concerned for his health. These, the clerks that told the man arguing with his prostitute to pay the woman and leave. With a stick.

We discussed some recent oddities, and agreed that people had been asking questions..

In the morning, a doctor called. Bill answered from in bed and I listened while curled to his chest. “No medication that I know of” I felt odd, wanting to drift into sleep, yet curious and wondering. “He asked us yesterday where to find ‘the good acid’ then asked us if that was where love and happiness came from”

Apparently he’d not said a word to them all night. He’s staying under observation in the Psychiatric Assesment Unit. I was sent upstairs and returned with a packet with his granna’s phone and contact information. She called later, with worries and doubt.

The doctors aren’t sure if it’s drugs or schizophrenia and the possibility of taking away all personal responsibilty has been mentioned.

Faerie Wings & Playland

Value Village has begun it’s halloweening! REJOICE!!

Stripey stockings are $6 and are all colours. (I got the purple ones). Knee high stripey socks too. (Knee highs come in black velvet as well as colourful stripes).
There are also beautiful fairy wings, (also purple), for $8.
I’m totally going to stock up.

I brought home Violet Stockings and a pair of wings.

Is it just me or are all the best bits of clothing available only when the shops are halloweening?


Went to Playland yesterday with m’Love, the roomate, and two of the brothers. I wouldn’t bring the youngest. Horrid thing should be shot in the foot. No. Wait. Then he’d actually have something to complain about. Blah.

Anyhoo – unbelievable! $170 to getr us all in + four ride passes!!!
When did the prices jump? Last time I went, entry was $6 and a pass was $20, now it’s $10 and $40!! FORTY?? Berloody hell. (A scary moment – realizing just how many people looked as if this is just what they do on the weekend).

The rollarcoaster was wonderful as always. M’love had never been on one before, so it made it that much more special. *happywarmth* After that though, we made the mistake on going on a terrible ride. Everyone got quite ill after riding it – not enough speed to cancel out the carsick feeling. That took us out of commision for about an hour, but really, so did the lineups. (Including the one for the bathroom).

After that, we split up. Marchall with Cale to go see the Monster Trucks, Bill and I with Robin. We headed for the bumpercars, then gace Robin money to win toys with while we waited for the mad mouse. Talking in the lineups about the people that died on it when a car shot off the top of the track. Does anyone remember how long ago that was?

After leaving Robin to the numbing pleasures of the arcade, we sneaked off to the haunted house. I think we were a bit of a dissapointment to the actors inside. *grins* Wandering around placidly through crashes and bangs and people jumping out from the walls. We examined thier costumes while they tried to menace us. Poor things. *laughter* At one point we came upon a girl and her boy, afraid and lost, she was refusing to enter the pitchblack hallway. I took her by the waist and told her I wasn’t going to let go, just come along now, there’s nothing here but the dark, I’ve got you, and led her around the corner to light. I felt like a hero for two point five seconds.

My first haunted house… The hearses were pretty.

We met up after that, deciding to logride. Longest line-up so far. An hour we stood or tried to sit. Evil. If there were a gaurantee that the ride were to be as long as the wait, I would have gladly endured it, but as it was, it was the beginning of the end.

The swings were next, with Marshall hitting on any available female. Telling them that I was just a roomate and that my lover is 20 years older than me just to play thier disgusted reactions. Hah. Glad I caught him out on that one. Bill vaulted to fencing just in time to join us. Better than flying are the swings at the fair.

And that was it. Time was pressing, darkness had fallen, and it was the when to go. On the way out I bought M’Love a dragon. It’s a goofy little thing, but it commemorates the day in a way that ticket stubs can’t quite capture.

The Door Knocked For the Roomate Last Night

I’m sore and depressed and tired today. My friend Chris, sorry, James, re-appeared in my life yesterday, with the added bonus that he needs somewhere to live. I so so excited. I loves the idea to bits. One problem – the berloody guy we promised the room to actually showed up at one a.m. after vanishing off the face of the earth a week and a half ago…

He’s moving in today.


the lack of a roomate situatoin

I’m waiting to hear back from the Marshall fellow. Claims that money has been sent have occured, though according to Western Union, the man doesnae exist. I cannae ken what he’s up to, but perhaps we’ll find out if he gets here.

-trying to explain away depression –

I lay awake last night, I’d said something in jest that had hurt him. I wasn’t expecting it. The sort of thing where at the end of the evening, someone turns to you and says, you really ruined my time by saying X, and you stop hurt in wonder that X would have been taken harmfully.

-we seem to have a lot of these –

Mail arrived today from Toronto. Apparently I have an account with the royal bank there. I suppose my grandmother opened it for me to cash my paychecks in when I worked there. I’m wondering if I should close it or leave it be. Either option seems like effort somehow wasted. I am happy that I can still be surprised. Be reminded of that golden summer of lightning and love.

-and rooftops bathed in orange light-

I talked with him the other day, my ontario demon with the redblack hair. That flashing amber eyed musician with the purple soul. Memories crackling with contentment.

-in a van, between the seats, crying-

on the bus: three men wearing stained work clothes sit on the very back seat as a woman enters. She sits in a seat facing at 90 degrees. She is wearing colourful clothing.
man 1: yeah – the match was okee, couldda done better thoough. Lost some offa Robbie.
man 3: Lost some offa Robbie? Feck that, you shoulden give it to em.
The woman opens a book.
man 2: Looka that.
man 1: Whare?
man 2: That girl – she’s gotta book open.
man 3: Reading – hah – ruins a woman if you givum a book.
man 1: Yah – wouldn’t let my woman read. Just wrecks em.

-I am ruined-