Quick brainwhacking clip before I go smother Ryan with a pillow for snoring.

Remember the ten thousand superballs sent pouring down Kearny Street in San Fransisco like a gleeful tide of bouncing doom?

Here’s the commercial they were making.

(For fun, the official site has making-of clips and little explanations about how incredibly wonderful they are for making all this and isn’t it imaginative?)

The music is that sweetly unreal Jose Gonzales cover of Heartbeats, originally a pop-crunchy song about a one night stand, by The Knife. At various times, I’ve been addicted to both, though mostly the original. I like the Gonzales cover mostly for the novelty and for how it reminds me of the little beach-house with Alastair, down in California.

Here is the original, here is the cover. Here are the lyrics.

Does anyone else think it’s an odd choice?

Also, as another odd SF piece of “art”: San Fransisco made of jell-o.