R.I.P. Fido. 2006 – 2012.


R.I.P. Fido. 2006 – 2012.

David went out on the porch this morning to feed Fido only to discover that he’d passed away sometime in the night, presumably of old age. He was a tremendously cute bunny and will be missed. I’ve taken his body and wrapped in a towel, so David can take down his cage and dissemble his hutch. Later today we will take the body to Animal Control to be cremated. If anyone would like to pay their respects, we are hosting Sunday Tea this week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Note: David’s weapon of choice is whiskey.)

at a loss

David‘s rabbit Emmerson abruptly died today.

Upon arriving home, I also discovered that both my cats are suddenly sick. Tanaquil is not keeping food down and Tanith has diarrhea. I’m concerned there is a particular illness affecting all of them, but don’t know anything about cross-species disease.

Does anyone here have any information?

I cannot afford to take them to the vet.

spreading the love

Canadian fetishwear designer Slinka, (an especially darling acquaintance of mine), has recently come upon a pet-related financial crisis. Her cat Pooh needs dental surgery she and her partner can’t quite afford. Thankfully you can help her by helping yourself, (if you’re the sort who’s into such things), by buying her sexy, sexy latex designs for you and/or your loved ones, just in time for Valentines:


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who wants a rabbit?

My two cats have been dealing surprisingly well with the introduction of the rabbits. They stop, stock still, when they notice Emerson is out, and look vaguely offended, as if this new, small cat is an affront against nature. “Look at those ears. There’s something wrong with those ears. What is this defect doing in our house?” Then they quietly, in almost ninja cat movements stalk up to him and arrange themselves just out of reach, preferably over him somehow, on a table of a couch, and watch, twitching, horrified at the living mystery that is A Bunny.

Tanith, the fluffy, more laid back one of my two, has been adjusting much faster than Tanaquil, my sleek hunter of boundless energy, who is far more likely to be the culprit when anything gets knocked off a shelf. She even played with Emmie a bit last night, batting about a toilet paper roll with him in the living-room before she decided he was just too weird.

Emmie, meanwhile, is thrilled with his new home. He has two cats to run at, a coffee table to hang out under, and attention whenever he wants it. It’s almost embarrassingly entertaining.

Our other rabbit, Fido, needs to find a new home. As a solo rabbit, he’s incredible, the most adorable little velvet soft gray creature your addled minds can imagine. He’s active, cuddly, sweet, and brain meltingly cute, (long walks on the beach not included), but when David took him, he took him as a rescue from certain death by mistreatment, from a home that didn’t have him fixed and now his hormones are causing him to be continually cruel to Emerson as he tries to assert his dominance, who, not having those chemicals, can’t react properly enough to make it stop.

The biggest issue, though, is that while we don’t want Emmie hurt, what we really don’t want is to give Fido to a shelter that might put him down. As with any animal, it’s a lot less effort to find a home for one that’s already fixed. So, if you would like a sweet little bunbun, or know anyone who might, please spread the word.

If adorable bunny pictures are required, I will take some, and paste his widdle picture absolutely everywhere until you all are brainwashed and cannot resist our damned cute bunny anymore.

we’ll all float on all right

fireworks finale
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Two days and two misapprehensions. Happy birthday Chris, you’re twenty-four now. I think that’s to mean something, but for the life of me, I don’t know what. Have this link, at least, it’s word heroin. It’s been a hard spring, burning into a difficult summer. There’s redemption somewhere, we just have to figure out where to find it. I’m sitting in my home, armo(u)ring myself with unlikely colours, with the strength I have in my body that a writer gave to me. I am hoping that if harm befalls me, if my heart stops, if he is there, it will set my blood to boil and I will flower into flame and burn again. Twist my hair around my finger and speak some magic words that will lighten the weights that drag my feet from dancing again.

I’m not allowed to love you. It’s the same script, all over again. Audience of one. The evening is just beginning and I’m thinking of brake-lights, red glow into the distance. How cars will trail in long snakes through the mountains away from here. The freeways of L.A. were like that, incredible embers speeding past and forward and always going, just going, flying between yellow lines and white. There, however, without a vehicle of my own, I was lost, a child trying to catch up with little tiny steps. My legs were tied, my sight unable to see unless I was near the ocean. Here there is water, there are mountains, there are miles filled entirely with trees. In a way, it’s a cage all the same. I’m tired of it, I’ve done this place. My precious people, I want to shake their roots free of dirt and set them walking our of here with me. I’m glad James got away.

Navi is asleep in my bed and Ryan‘s out fetching supplies for SinCity tonight. I’m alone with a rabbit and a ferret, though they’re kept separate now. We’ve found proof positive that rabbits are genetically food for ferrets. It won’t matter if they’ve seen one before or even know what to do with one, it will try to drag it away and eat it. The rabbit, Kitty, has escaped unscathed, but perhaps not so me. Now I know Skatia can attempt to be sneaky, I want to see it again. Again, the thought occurs to me to fetch him a mouse from the shop to have.