have I introduced you yet? his name is mask replica, he’s a trout


In an odd bit of unexpected news, a side effect of living with David is that Matthew Good has just posted/stolen (uncredited) one of my photographs from Dec. This both pleases me greatly and bothers me intensely in bemused equal parts. It’s an odd yet understandable mix of reactions, and David has promised to call him today to rectify the matter, conveying as well my gleeful shaking of a tiny fist in his general direction for his unintended rudeness. Asked where he had found the image, Matt replied, “I found it posted by some chick on the internet.” Thank you, Matt, that’s pretty damned awesome. In fact, it kind of made my night. That said, all wry appreciation aside, I truly am deeply glad of who you are and what you do. You’re one of the Good Guys. (And, yes, I’m totally digging the new album. Which you, gentle reader, may find streaming free at the top of his site.) I can’t wait until you come over for tea, if only to introduce you lovingly to my nerd-smacking fish.