five dollar books for you to eat

Hey Folks, I’ve still got a load of five dollar books for sale. See something you like, drop me a line and it’s yours!

•The Family Tree, by Sheri S. Tepper.
•The Fresco, by Sheri S. Tepper
•Raising the Stones, by Sheri S. Tepper

•Where is Joe Merchant?, by Jimmy Buffet
•Tales from Margaritaville: Fictional Facts and Factual Fictions, by Jimmy Buffet

•A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, by Mark Twain
•A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, by James Joyce
•Agnes And The Hitman, by Jennifer Cruise and Bob Mayer (hardback)
•An Area of Darkness, V. S. Naipaul, (hardback, import)
•Any Human Heart, by William Boyd
•Don Quixote, In Memorian to Identidy, by Kathy Acker
•Future Primitive, by Zerzan
•Hannibal, by Thoma Harris
Moar reading! Classics, sillies, and lots of words!

a day without dread is a day of victory

  • Passengers aboard a Continental Airlines flight from Phoenix to Everett, Washington, engage in an impromptu pillow fight.

    I’m out of practise with going outside. Almost everything I prepared to do on Thursday had to be put off until Friday because of Remembrance Day, unemployment having excised my awareness of such things as holiday hours. I lucked out, though, in feeling far better with the way things worked out than if my original schedule had fallen into place. I got out of the house, reconnected with a good friend, had a great time, and finished all my chores. Plus there was chocolate. Win.

    Some other good news is that the Sell All My Stuff sale has been going well. Not galloping along, but steadily sauntering, which is enough to keep me content with the plan. In response, I’ve been doing my best to keep up with my listings, adding items in time with things sold, and sending things promptly to those out of town. (Not everyone has paid for what I’ve mailed them yet, but that’s to be expected, and I’m sure it will be fine.) I’ve also started moving the books I’m selling from my shelves to the hall. I’m finding that when involved in a project that involves thinning down my possessions, it’s really quite helpful to keep everything that’s for sale in one place. It gives a visual sense of the scale of what I’m doing, as well as allowing me to keep an accurate tally of what I’ve put up for sale versus what I’ve decided, for now, to keep. Also useful: when someone buys a book, I no longer have three places to check for the title.

  • living in the eye of a needle

  • Men and Women Entrepreneurs: Not That Different

    I only have one Young Drivers Of Canada classroom lesson left, on December 9th. Except for that, it’s now all about learning in an actual vehicle, something I’m terribly nervous about. Lori gave me a very sweet lesson in her pick-up truck when she was in town last week, out in a parking lot along Spanish Banks, one of the most beautiful spots in Vancouver. It was nice to see her, nice to be a student, nice to be out of my apartment. She was remarkably patient, and though she says I did great, I’m still mourning the imaginary bumper I clipped while practicing parking.

    In other news, my quest to list everything I own for sale seems to be going well. Not only have people been putting dibs on my books, I’ve been getting a positive reaction from my Craigslist ads too. I can’t overstate how good I feel about this. I didn’t start this project to get rich, after all, but to find some relief. My debts are intense, ravenous things with sharp, horrible teeth, and any extra five dollars I can conjure to feed them makes my life better. Once they are gone, I’ll be able to save for myself, and maybe even, le gasp, go to school!

    Tomorrow I plan on going through my mending box and seeing how much there is worth saving, as well as setting aside some time to actually fix what’s left. I’m also going to bring books to the post office to calculate shipping, return all of the household’s bottles and cans for bus-change, and maybe meet some friends for tea. Not the most thrilling plans, but enough, I think, to see me through a day without falling into unemployment depression.

    P.s. I have a bag of clothes to donate to charity, does anyone have a particular favourite?

  • today I offer you plush toys

  • Monty Python Killer Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth Plush Toy – $10
  • The Muppets: Animal, 18″ Posable Plush Toy – $25

    I chose to start with my books for a few reasons. For one, I have more books than I have anything else. There are more of them in my room than there are places to put them. They stack in piles, some here, some there, and they take up the entire top quarter of my closet, which could be better used for other things. For another, even though books are wonderful, they are heavy, bulky, and cantankerous to move. It was also a test of my determination. Few things carry as much resonance as a well loved book, so perhaps if I can be ruthless with my library, I can be ruthless with everything else as well. If I am to escape Vancouver, I will need to travel light.

  • “Half-heartedness does not reach into majesty.” -Rumi

    365:2010/11/09 - train

    I went through all of the books I own today and put most of them for sale on my new blog, minimalfox. (See Books: The First Wave for a glimpse into my long, long day). Deciding what to keep out of the wealth of words was a difficult process, as many of these books have been with me a decade, well loved and repeatedly read. The Summer/Winter Queen books, for example, would make such a perfect gift for Tony that I wince to put them available on-line, while it is only through sheer obstinacy that I managed to list my Kurt Vonnegut at all. But still, I was weak. Of the books from the closet, I listed only fifty. Of the books from the bookcase, I’ve set aside almost a third to keep.

    If they all sell, however, I may barely have enough books to fill one small shelf, but I will have enough money to buy a winter coat, pay off the threatening part of my credit card, and save my web hosting.

    That said, please take a look at what I’m trying to fund-raise with. Everything on offer can be found on my Sale Listings page.

    month long birthday sale very especially over

    A gigantic warm and wonderful thank you to everyone who took part in my print sale and purchased a print, whether as a digital file or an actual physical object! I hope everyone loves what they recieved! In future, if you would like a print of one of my photos, please contact me directly or look through my Etsy shop, A Thread of Grace. (Almost all prints can be purchased in different sizes or mounted on sustainable bamboo panels.) If you would like something you don’t see listed there or if you like something there but don’t want to be bothered to join Etsy, no worries! I am more than happy to make a custom listing for you or to work with you directly using Paypal. Your business is delicious, especially as it helps keep food in my fridge.

    Also, in case you’re local, remember that I’m also available to be booked for headshots, promo materials, and all sorts of various etceteras. Given my stunning lack of employment lately, I’m crazy ready, willing, and able.

    A truckload of bricks in the soft morning light

    "Like a Dude", a commissioned photo for Brenno Van Sise. Purchase your own from my etsy shop, A Thread of Grace.

    Taxes: T4’s arrived, but I mis-answered in the tax booklet. Again. Need replacement paperwork.
    Employment: Spoke with Social Services this morning. Have a second interview with a video game company on Friday afternoon. Have more transcription work. Topic, Twitter.
    School: Finally finished the arithmetic section of my maths book. Will test myself in three days. Next up, algebra. Tests are soon.
    Driving: Need to hash out when I’m available for Young Drivers of Canada classes.
    Photography: Updated and polished the Etsy store. One commission shot today. One shoot booked for later this week.
    Cleaning: Almost all of my things are back in my room. Only boxes of miscellany remain.
    Repairs: One of the cats pulled down our coat rack. The microwave suddenly does not turn on. The antique chest of drawers is missing a handle.

    Other than all that, life consists mostly of tidying the apartment, doing laundry, folding things, investigating what might be left to try and sell on Craigslist, sending off endless, repetitive cover letters and resume, and wishing I had slightly more to eat. To shake things up a little, I went to visit Jenn and Steve today, who were darling, and stayed until almost far too late. As a bonus, I finally got a tour of the townhouse that they bought (which was also darling). Spurred on by this feat, I have once again reinstated my desire to see people again. I’ve been significantly more active lately than I have been over the last few months, as if I’m climbing, fumbling, out of winter, drained by gray and tired, into the bright social buzz of spring and summer, but I fear it’s not enough. As a gentle nudge back into the light, tomorrow’s plans are similar, mixing as they do the regular flat responsibilities of life, returning bottles, taking out the recycling, with sweet, social escape in the form of a tasty lunch with Sara. Her wedding is coming up, too. Seems to be the year for it, though I have physical evidence that I cringed away from Lisa’s bouquet.