as soon as the sun sets, all bets are off

According to Jason: “Jhayne Holmes has long been a fixture in the Vancouver progressive arts community, energizing flash mobs and zombie walks alike. Seeing the Raja Cinema building go up for sale drove her entrepreneurial initiative towards creating a next-generation arts space. A relative newcomer to running a business, Holmes has been able to turn ingenue into ingenuity in opening Heart of the World by launching a website to harness the power (and dollars) of the web 2.0 world.”

I’m impressed. Also, tired.

The next step is to shop the business plan out to investors and raise a minimum of $500,000. Not as bad a goal as one might think, when that’s only 2500 shares. Two thousand shares and some change, that’s what we have to sell. If we can raise more, getting the theatre on its feet will be a lot easier, but I’m not counting on it. Our numbers have been worst case scenario for a reason, not only out of pragmatism, but to count on having less than expected, so when we succeed, we will already be ahead.

Re: already sold shares. Can everyone who sent me money send me their address? I’m slowly working through my e-mail to match deposits with people, but it’s slow going. If you send me your info, you’ll get yours first.

And for those people still asking – yes, you can still buy shares. It isn’t too late. I’m sure they make great gifts too.