because I don’t already have enough photos to work on, obviously

Tony and I took advantage of the latest Threadless $10 sale and my street team points to stock up on some new t-shirts for summer. Aside from finally snagging matching Damn Scientists shirts, which I assure you we will wear while out together like the cutesy couple we are, oh yes, I picked out The Mississippi Phoenix, Globetrotter, and RED, and he picked out two of my absolute favourites, Ways of Making You Talk and Midnight Showing. We’re going to have a t-shirt photo day when they arrive, the better to stock up more street team points. Do you have a Threadless shirt you’d like a picture of for the site? Drop me a line. It’s going to be a really fun shoot.

today: plus ten for attending the lock-picking session. minus several hundred for missing breakfast.

Matt “blackbelt” Jones is a clever, clever man, enough so that his spiffy keen blog is in my bookmark folder marked Required Reading right next to my favourite traveler, adventurer and corporate anthropologist, Jan Chipchase. Today’s good news: Matt’s wicked design reaction to Keep Calm and Carry On, Get Excited and Make Things, has been turned into a t-shirt!

For Men. For Women.

there’s a lot with that last paragraph in my head right now

  • The Last word on Bush-ism from Alex

    The only thing to be right now is the pause between one breath and the next.

    Navi gave me a shirt yesterday I’m rather in love with. It’s mocking so much and yet so very little. I knew I was in trouble when the instant I put it on. Angus says, “Well, that accentuates things” and all I did was grin.

    In a little vivid green box, text says:

    Don’t sit too close to the television set. It is best to sit (6 )….. the room from it.

    6. (a ) near (b ) across (c ) under

    Mike is on-line asking me if it’s alright to fall deeply in love with someone from Crying While Eating. He feels her pain and likes that she’s making chocolate milk. To me it sounds like the seed of some perfect novel with the love story kicking things off. Next he’ll track her down, flying from point to point on some cybernetic globe while digging himself deeper into some other mystery.

    I’m wondering something myself, though not about love. I’m trying to find if hydergine is legal in Canada and if it is, where can it be found. There was something St. Jude wrote about it years ago, (may she rest in peace), she made it sound like the only drug I’d really want to take. Something about reverse nervous system entropy and bushing up dendrites. It was an article on Smart Drugs, what was available and what they did. Does anyone remember this? I’m almost certain I was ten, so that would have been back in ’92. It’s difficult to look up such specifics from back then, the world wasn’t as wired as it is now, (more’s the pity).

  • make your own soda fountain