Yes, as a matter of fact, if the situation presented itself, I would do it.

Staring into the sky, wondering at the blue, mesmerized, I caught the corner of my bag on the edge of a newspaper box and immediately turned to apologize. The world is turning, bringing my patch of Earth into sight of the sun, yanking flowers out of their buds, insisting we all move forward, drag ourselves out of wool coats towards the light. I am meeting Michael for lunch again, as I have every day since we met on the bus two weeks ago. We sit in the park when the weather is like this and eat our sandwiches lying on a blanket made of our overlapping jackets. Soon it will be summer and we will no longer need our coats. What then? Perhaps I will keep a cloth folded in my desk for our noon hour picnics. Perhaps by then we’ll be dead. Why think about it now, when the sun is out and company waits?

what really happened at columbine

Laid out on the bed like a window display, later, Michael and Emily, Randa and her kitten, Nicole and Ray, hiding from hockey, from being outside. Someone laughs, percussive, a wildfire spreading. I smile as I stand in the doorway, warmed, another full pot of tea in hand, (the mellow red packet marked JOY in black letters), feeling welcome in my social space for the first time in a very long time, following the breadcrumb sound like a trail in a forest. It has been too long since I’ve had friends over, since I’ve done anything but hide out of town, too busy dismantling the quicksand feeling of holding onto a stalled relationship to have people over during the week or really go out. Already it’s gotten dark, but we don’t care if it’s getting late. We’re sitting in the comfortable jewel-tone pillow heart of our own entertaining light.

Dreadlock models wanted by the hair salon at First and Commercial in El Mercato.

Yesterday there was rain. Thrumming fat drops that sliced through the sunshine and soaked me as thoroughly as a shower. It was delightful and I held my head up to see. The light was ethereal, sunshine rainbows shattering up from the pavement, it was that hard. It came from a little bit of nowhere and left just the same. Twenty minutes of glory. I wanted there to be someone with me so I could take pictures. It was like the world had turned up the saturation.

Cross processing the streets ahead of time.

Vancouver as been keeping me busy lately, a nice change I approve of. Today there’s two fancy dress events, Meghan’s birthday croquet in a Rose Garden and a rather darker themed High Tea. The disphoria between the two vastly different social circles will be a welcome exercise in mercurial adaptation, something I’ve been missing lately. I have a habit of forgetting to contact other people when I’ve fallen in with a particular social group, but I’m beginning to successfully tear myself out of that cocoon a little. Last night I was handed a furtive slip of paper, BY INVITATION ONLY, twice.