!! mercy me, it’s the only show I ever watch !!

from Mike‘s mailing-list, links mine:

Do you enjoy the Showtime original program “Weeds“? Well guess what? This week’s episode will feature the song Buttmachine. Episode airs this Monday, October 8th. We all win!”

More tour dates have been added! Check if he’s playing near you!

EDIT: alright, naughty pirate that I am, that made me embarassingly happy.

You know what, Stuart? I like you, you’re not like the other people here, in the trailer park.

Just a quick note, as I continue to smash my brain into my destroyed CV, (anyone masochistic enough to help me? I fail at resume writing like I fail at kicking puppies):

Wow. Have any of you had the dubious pleasure of catching the Fox “News” report on Kurt Vonnegut’s death?

It’s really quite something. Not having a television, I tend to underestimate what it’s like.