my bed is right here,yes.. yet..

World Jump Day was a resounding global success. You can check out photos on the Lambda Omega Lambda website under RECENT EVENTS, videos are found here.
(The Richmond Night Market Excursion and the first Mad Hatters Tea Party went pretty well too, more later).

Today after I sleep, I’m helping my mother move, (as so should you), and then heading over to Oliver’s to die in a kiddie pool that Veronica set up last night in his front yard, back when I should have gone to bed. You can come too if you want to pack boxes with me and my mum. There will be a skill testing question, maybe to do with accordions, but we can deal with that later, after the sun has fully arrived in the sky above my bed. Until then, amuse yourselves with some lovely charming art, k? Thanks. Notes left on my messenger will be dealt with when I’m not homicidally tired and yes, Amber, I will be calling you back. Nighty night.