Beautiful Black Wings To Fly

I’m looking to buy a big pair of feather wings from California, and I’m looking for someone else who might want to get something from her. I’m thinking we could split shipping & handling costs, which add up to $18us.


Black velvet opera length gloves for $9.99 + shipping.
Red velvet ones will be in stock soon.
Black satin and black lace coming soon, likely same price.
Leopard print, likely $15.


36″ angel wings in black, white, or black with some red for $21.99 + s&h. Depending on where in the US you live shipping could end up being anywhere from $10 to $26. LIMITED SUPPLY (See the comments for a links to pix of the black ones.)
22″ black or white angel wings, $15 + shipping. Probably not more than $10 across the US, could be as little as $5. LIMITED SUPPLY. Pink 22″ wings, TWO PAIRS ONLY, in my possession, $9 + shipping. Here is a pic of the pinks. They’re the same style as the black&white ones.
Inflatable fairy wings, transparent with pale pink and pale green markings, ONE PAIR, in my possession. $8 + shipping, pic here.

the picures of the various wings are at

I’m hoping to get a pair of large black wings. The total on my order would be $40US. She takes US cash, concealed, or *int’l* money orders, or non-credit-card Paypal.


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