the ink itches

cam writing
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Does this happen to anyone else? On transit or sitting and waiting for someone with no reading material, nor paper nor pen. A passage of words occurs to you and you simply must write it down. Searching pockets produces a marker. Is not the logical thing to write it out in full on your clothing or body?

I would like to think it happens to everyone, but as I have yet to see legions of people wandering about covered in awkwardly scrawled text, I suppose I must be somewhat more the eccentric. Please – anyone? I’ve covered at least three pairs of pants now, and put off countless showers so I could write down what I so hurredly put onto my skin.

I’d like to think this isn’t pathology.

It’s a bad time to be near me when I have to write something down and have nothing. It’s one of the few times I’ll feel true frustration. Heads get bitten off, heads go rolling. I approve because I can use the blood to write along the hem of my t-shirt.

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