it’s all recently relative

we need to throw the right books,
(like right hooks)

by Joey Comeau

Let’s start ourselves a terrorist cell
and every time we feel like our life might be hell
instead of throwing our coins into that Self-Help well
we will write another beautiful book that won’t sell.

I’m writing a book about leaving home,
leaving bodies in ditches
I’m writing a book about making mistakes and
eating jelly sandwiches
books about apple trees
who fall in love with pretty girls
who fall in love with other trees
that have more squirrels

I’m writing a book of love poems based on my studies
half about lovers with disabilities – half about buddies
thematically I ‘spose you’ll find it a little muddy
two parts limping Audrey Hepburn – one part Al Bundy.

books about forgetting childhood
books about getting older
books about finding someone warm
because the nights are colder

Yesterday Alastair and I took on Disneyland. We drove into a compound, a small city all it’s own, blazoned with brand-name and two curved ears. The parking garages were immense maze-like things, plastered with moderne with trashcans proclaiming WASTE PLEASE on a seventies rainbow background. Everywhere there were speakers with pre-recorded helpful people, “please keeps your head, hands, arms, legs and feet inside the vehicle until it has come to a complete stop.” and again in spanish. The live miked drivers sounded incomprehensible and crackly in comparison, a darling thing when you remember that the park is ringed with private soldiers with AK47s.

In an effort to stop any rumors that Hallibrton will be the only company helping out in the rebuilding of Fallujah, the Bush administration has announced that Disney will be involved in that reconstruction as well… “We are very proud to be part of the re-construction effort in Fallujah,” stated Michael Eisner. “We will do everything we can to make Falljuah a ‘happy place’ again. We are looking into having Mickey Mouse visit not only the troops, once the fighting is over, but also visit the Iraqi homes as ell…” “We hate America but we love Mickey mouse,” stated an insurgent in Fallujah. “My kids like that new movie from Disney, what is the name of it? You know, Finding Osama? I just kid you. Finding Nemo. They love it.

I’m trapped inside today, held inside by violent rain, serious rain, rain that would not smile at you on the bus on your way to work. Rain with a mission, rain that gusts with intent for drowning. I, being intelligent, failed to bring a coat.

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