The Heretic! GO OR DIE!

The Heretic is back up but only for two days!

For anyone who missed the Heretic (directed by Johnathan Ryder and starring John Murphy) or those of you who would like to see it again, it is playing in the Solo Fest this week (starting tomorrow). There are only 2 shows.

Thursday Feb 3rd at 8pm
Friday Feb 4th at 11pm

Shows are at the Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island; tickets at the door or through Festival Box Office, or 604-257-0366.

Last time this went up, I hurt for two days from laughing. I am damned well going.

“John Murphy’s slyly hilarious one man show, The Heretic, one of the most stellar productions of the Fringe.”
-Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

“The Heretic is a scary, brave and ferocious attack on Judeo-Christian religion and its doctrines. John Murphy’s performance is reminiscent of Lenny Bruce. But this is no simple rant. The writing is clever and sophisticated, the production slick and the acting phenomenal. Easily the best show I saw in this year’s fringe.”
-Jerry Wasserman, “The Afternoon Show,” CBC Radio One, Vancouver
TOP 2 PICK! – Georgia Straight Critics’ Choice Award

“For those of us who find ourselves in a very God-haunted world these days, where the acolytes of the Almighty seem to be continually at each other’s and everybody else’s throats, Christian O’Connor’s The Heretic comes as a darkly comic catharsis. This story of a Roman Catholic man, tortured by religious anxieties, who resolves to become an ‘evangelical atheist’ could hardly be more timely – of funnier. John Murphy gives a masterful turn in the lead role – and indeed in all the other roles in the play, moving between radically different characterizations with what has almost become his trademark pell-mell precision. This range is remarkably vast, with all the requisite variations in tone and speed to keep watchers riveted. He is supported by a wonderfully witty script (“It’s Yahweh or the Highway!”) that, for all of its boisterous blasphemies, ends up being a rather profound commentary on the nature of the religious impulse itself.”
-Bryson Young, Vancouver Sun

“Vancouver actor John Murphy’s wickedly funny one-man revue is so stupefyingly irreverent, we’re probably going to hell just for laughing at it. Murphy aims to be provocative and succeeds.”
-Pat St. Germain, Winnipeg Sun

“a hilarious script, great acting and a technically superb show. Actor John Murphy’s performance is flawless. The comedy is fast-paced! along with some serious insights into the fear of death.”
-Cheryl Binning, Winnipeg Free Press

“.a wild ride of a play that’s both hilarious and deadly serious. Extremely well written and equally well executed”
-Linda Harlos,CBC

“.constantly funny and provocative.”
-Silas Polkinghorne, Saskatoon Star Phoenix

.funny and insightful! .Wildly pleasurable and unpredictable, kind of like a Disney Land rollercoaster ride in the dark!!!.Check your guilt at the door brothers and sisters.”
-101.5 UMFM Radio, Winnipeg

andrew is standing on his wooden computer chair and spinning

After tea and talking until five a.m., I lay on the couch and thought dawn thoughts. Bodies and peculiar situations, the ceiling blurring because I didn’t have my glasses on. I tried to imagine every single place I could be at that moment, within realism. Jenn arrived an hour after unconsciousness and we walked through the empty six a.m. hallways to her apartment, people thumping along behind every wall. She was upset from something at work so I grabbed her into me and lay her down on the couch, let her mind cry open and words fly out into my arms and our curled bodies. After half an hour we moved to the bed and slept, holding hands, until three in the afternoon. I love my family, they’re the closest I have to having fire.

Unfortunately, I didn’t even touch the shadow of my itinerary of things I planned to do today. I swallowed my desire to stay with Jenn and ran down the hill to the Skytrain. All in vain, as the banks were closed, even the one in chinatown. If I had drugs, I would have taken a pill, instead I shot home and told my roommate we’re hiding from the landlord until after midnight. Now it’s time enough, I shall be riding up on my bike to the bank and taking out the rest of the rent money. Speaking of accounts, I can’t find where to read your note, Matthew, so shoot it over or experience the wrath of my whore complex.