I can’t believe I sketched such an accurate gun from memory.

The first five are finished. I can’t believe the number of responses. I’m rather daunted that so many talented people replied. i feel like I’m digging myself a creative grave. Pray be kind to my MS Paint creations.


Please forgive the terrible play on words, spelling was sacrificed to my lack of clever.


I met a Mark Campbell here in town once, he was a bass player with wonderful fluffy hair and a pick-up truck we had to park on hills lest it never start again. I wanted to make a little schoolgirl going “squee! you’re an artist!” but I don’t think anyone would get it except Warren.


I was almost too in awe of your work to make you one. Just a heads up.


I was going to spell it Czeich but decided against it at the last minute over spelling issues. It is four in the morning. Is it I before E or…?


You should really write some of your own interests. Thefting my more obscure ones to do with australia simply don’t count, though I’d say to keep “jesus rimmers” though, just because.