as evinced by

Party Pictures have been made available. Please add tags and names where appropriate, as I have yet to go through these. I’m not even certain which pictures are off of which camera as I have uploaded not only my camera, but Chris’ and Patrick’s.

the collected entries: beth’s description, angus’, and derek’s. rick and an unidentified lump which I suspect to be tristan are still passed out on the floor and tim and chris have gone to the farmers market. I’m going to take this opportunity to have a shower and steal clothes in which I do not look like a hooker.

edit: as Flickr pro accounts have an impressive capability, please send me your pictures of the evening to add to the folder.

Also, Pat is trying to have sex with my shoulder.

As the sky begins drifting into navy blue from black, we have thirteen people still awake. We are the elite? Not just a little hard-core. There’s still dancing, and there’s many puddling people in shoals against Chris’ couches. I have so many incriminating pictures and I’m worried that there may actually be some of me. (or at least me on a table in a very short skirt, which for me is daring, as I don’t believe anyone took pictures when I was pinned against a wall wondering what to do when a boy gnaws on one’s neck. I decided the first step was obviously to put down the scone and after that.. not a clue. I think I need more practice.). I suppose a peruse of Flickr tomorrow will be illuminating for quite a few people. I’ve remained sober the entire time. I might be the only one. However, with dawn arriving, conversation’s spreading like flowers on a vine and most people have sobered up enough to carry intelligent dialogue without slurring.