something to do in between sending out electronic bits of paper which tell employers that I’m nifty

Dee and pvck have tagged me in a music meme that’s having another stab at popularity. The idea is to list out your latest favourite tracks and then point the finger at five or six other people. As I happen to have put together a mix CD for Ellen, I’m going to post that instead.

01 – TV on the Radio – Desperate youth, blood thirsty babes – 02 – Staring at the Sun
02 – Emilie Simon – Graine D’├ętoiles
03 – Superphones – Deep Trip
04 – Johnny Boy – You are the generation that bought more shoes & u get what u deserve
05 – Electronic Excursions In Hi-Fi – 06 – Sway (Rip-Off Artist Remix)
06 – The Life Aquatic – Sigur Ros – Staralfur
07 – The White Stripes – Blue Orchid
08 – Secret Machines – 01 – First Wave Intact
09 – Future Bible Heros – 03 – Doris Daytheearthstoodstill
10 – Cornelius – Drop
11 – Revporl & Stuart Crozier – Dr Thirsty
12 – Wolf Parade – Dear Sons And Daughters Of Hungry Ghosts

bonus track: DJ Spaz remixing one of my attempts at spoken word.

If any of these run out of downloads, drop me a comment and I’ll refresh the link.

a little piece of reply broken off with my teeth

It could have been one night, but instead it was one day. Something I knew would happen, all the way down to the fact that it wouldn’t matter to me afterward. As an illustration, it marked the harsh lack of chemistry while remaining kind. When it’s right, I cling. I am buried entirely. Ahead of time I know. Ahead of time I decide that the best I can do is try. I know it’s going to hurt, that some delicate thing is going to rip out of my inability to prepare. I’m aware that I’m not going to shake. My illusions weren’t shattered, the pressure was enough to shred unwilling membrane, a debt paid over again but I’ve done similar before, even lived with someone for six months where I paid almost daily but couldn’t gather interest. I let them captain the ship through horrible storm, haunted by violence and spoken words of You’re Never Worthy For me. Now I’m not as young. I’m acutely informed that there has to be a seed for there to be a blossom.

He’s since fallen into the sea, washing over deck into a body of addiction. We think he’s dead now, meth burned and vanished.

Regulators in the US could soon be asked to approve a human trial of gene therapy for cystic fibrosis that uses a hybrid of the HIV and Ebola viruses. In spite of my sketchy grasp of such technology, I can’t see how this is anything but a wretchedly stupid idea for a new Michael Crichton novel. The robots what run on blood might like it: Enter Hero Scientist, enter Military General. Hilarity Ensues. As does Much Bleeding From The Eyes.

wrapped in the warmth of you

I rediscovered an artist the other day through a boingboing posting and decided that this time around, I simply had to remember to share. His name is Dave Devries and he creates rich realistic paintings based on the scrawled drawings of monsters that children draw. There’s a certain beauty in them that captures a little sense of something ethereal and creepy. It only takes a minute, go give it a look.

In other news, dolphins have taken the next step toward being worshiped as gods by the New Age crowd by carefully crafting situations where they will be found using tools, proof evinced. This is extra good timing on their side, as just this week we’ve learned to breathe underwater as fish do.

However, they have not managed to make the useful as sexy sleek as Tsaya has. They make strap on wallets that look as if they were designed with an everyone-wearing-black mexican stand-off in mind that involves cell phones instead of guns. The idea is to replace the handbag with something you can wear and be active in. A pity, I think, that so far it’s only made of black patent leather, though I’m certain that has it’s own built in market.

Speaking of design, actually, I found that Dream Designs, the place I had my interview at, has a website. I highly recommend giving them a decco if you’re looking for quality fabrics. As part of my interview, I asked what their policy was on corporate consumption and confirmed my suspicion that they’re firm supporters of organic and natural products, a stance that only bolsters the respect I had for the company. I sincerely hope there’s a strong possibility that I get a chance at this. To work what I call ‘a real job’ in a place where my skills fit and I have the opportunity to continue learning, it would be such a gift. Theater became tiresome, too many egos. The networking was an aspect I didn’t mind so much, but the petty things that one had to remind oneself of constantly were wearing. This is a small city. This actress loathes that director who dislikes that actor who won’t work with this costumer who’s dating the first woman mentioned. Reliable employment, full time, is exactly what I want.

I’m feeling a little snow-blind lately. My week has been flurries of shredded newspaper information and I’m finding now that it’s becoming hard to keep track of who has read what into my incruental sacrifices.

Curiosity, does anyone know who this artist is?