When you speak, even silence listens.

Sun Wheel Reflection
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Shane stayed over last night, the way his head rested on my body made me aware of my collarbones. We have a strange friendship, he and I. When we are together in a room, we pair off, we pool our attentions. I am continually The One Who Got Away While Standing in The Same Room and he is That Man Who Speaks Like a God Creating but Likes Me Anyway. Dawn painted light onto my ceiling and I watched it, the sun sparking off the gold sequins attached to the cloth that hangs over my bed bright enough for my blind eyes to see, and considered why I didn’t blush when I finally read to him his poem. He’s just back from the Edinburgh book festival, where he was on a panel with John Saul, Salman Rushdie and Margaret Atwood, (his book’s been released already in the UK), and here I am, a girl in a bar with funny hair and a lopsided smile, for a moment attempting to be literary, reading to him, the man who won the world slam three years running, about how I don’t love him as much as he loves me. If it were two years ago, I would have laughed at my inestimable gall, but now, somehow, it’s alright. In my own way, I’m on par.

A little bit that’s scary.

Broken Flowers was artfully ingenious, by the way, before I forget to say ecetera. Jim Jarmusch catching intelligently how lonely our memories are, and ending it with such implied emotion that it went past being clever and landed squarely in the masterful category. Bill Murray plays a similar role to the one he did with Lost In Translation, but twists it slightly, resulting in a more black and white character, one more inclined to allowing for dry assumptions. I really liked it, the humour was provocative and cheerfully nasty, as it tends to be with Jim Jarmusch, but I don’t know if it’s going to catch on the way Coffee & Cigarettes did. One can hope, certainly.

Today the majority are over at Playland, shouting on rides and watching animals snuffle about in pens. I’m caught still clinging to the internet petticoats, wandering the flooding catacomb of New Orleans and am wondering if I’ll make it out at all. Ray should be calling, confirming if we’re going to go rollercoaster or not. I hope he does it soon, as Reine called recently and I’m feeling bad that I haven’t been able to ring her back yet.

sinking, not swimming

When midnight came on Sunday, we sang New Orleans is Sinking and brought out the laptop in an attempt to find live footage of the storm. We were up late, we were celebrating, it was the appropriate thing to do. I wanted to be there, at the cusp of it, at that pivotal moment of history. There was a picture of a man flying like a sugarglider, later, using a sheet he’d tucked into his shoes and was holding up above his head. Now I find the greatest depiction of the survivalist crises. Non-Lethal Weaponry is being sent into New Orleans to be used for crowd control of the sort that activists used to write about with horror in the back of MONDO magazine. MADS, more specifically, Magnetic Acoustic Devices, the friendly name given to large sonic pain cannons. (information on ‘non-lethal’ devices).

interdictor is possibly the last person in New Orleans to have internet access.

This journal has become the Survival of New Orleans blog. In less perilous times it was simply a blog for me to talk smack and chat with friends. Now this journal exists to share firsthand experience of the disaster and its aftermath with anyone interested.

* You can reach me on ICQ at 21710340 if you’re so inclined.
* The live cam feed is being rebroadcast by the heroic freedom fighters at mises.org,: http://old.mises.org:88/NO2
* American Red Cross – DirectNIC – vonmises.org – New Orleans LA post-Katrina Intel dissemination wiki
* If you want to link to my blog, please use this URL: http://mgno.com/
* IRC channel has been opened: IRC is on irc.freenode.net in #interdictor – #interdictor-scanner for transcript of NG radio and #interdictor-digest for discussion; JavaApplet
* Photos can be found here: http://sigmund.biz/kat/index.html Media has permission to use the photos with credit to DirectNIC.com
* If you are in the media and you want to contact me or any in Team SOTI here at Outpost Crystal, please get with Ezra Hodge — he can be reached at ICQ: 91-664-906, or ehodge@intercosmos.com

lindseymoongirl is in the area and has this to say,

“What matters is that 5 days after the Hurricane actually made landfall – people are still dying. People are dying from dehydration and heat stroke. People in hospitals are dying because power has gone out and generators are floundering without available gas. Nursing home patients, hospice patients, the elderly, the young – all are dying.

In New Orleans, gangs have taken control. People are being shot, women are being raped. Relief trucks with medical supplies for area hospitals are being hijacked – their drivers are being murdered. These medical supplies never make it to the hospitals. Helicopters make attempts to relocate people trapped in the Superdome, but have to be cautious – their choppers are being shot at. Snipers are setting up along rooftops, shooting people as they are evacuated. Lawlessness has taken over. Hope is truly running out for residents who remain in New Orleans. Without water, power, and food, more people are dying every day. The National Guard is having to storm the city. And now, parts of the city are on fire.

In South Mississippi, there is a nursing home by the name of Dixie White House. There are 60 residents in that nursing home, along with the staff that stayed to brave the storm. There is no power, no water, food is RUNNING OUT. The halls smell of filth. The staff is exhausted. A resident dies – their stench of their decomposing body is now mingling with the stench of vomit, urine, and shit.

In my town of Hattiesburg, water has finally been restored. Chaos still remains – a brother shoots his sister in the head to obtain a bag of ice. They are still without power. Caleb and I had to evacuate earlier this week. We don’t know when we will be able to go home or return to work. The roads are closed, our street is littered with oak and pine trees. There is no gas to fill people’s cars so they can get out of the city.

Here in Jackson, gas is running out. There are lines 3 hours long for the stations that are actually open.

We need your help. I’ve been working with the Red Cross and I have seen first hand that help is needed now. Don’t wait until tomorrow. President Bush will not send us aid, but you can do it on your own! Several sites will take your money and put it in the right hands. You can go to your local store and pick up a case of bottled water and bring it to a drop point. That water will get to those men, women, and children who are so thirsty. The time is now. Never mind yesterday. Never mind tomorrow. People are dying today. Children are dying today.

Amazon Hurricane Relief
Just one of many sites accepting money for the the people affected by this, the largest natural disaster in U.S. history.”