going to kill you

Last week I was continually busy to the point where today feels strange because I have no plans. It’s like the week starts with Mondays now, for Korean Movie Night, and then everything unfolds from there. Last Tuesday was Beth‘s lovely concert, where I met Edward and Ethan‘s sister, Tiki, then Wednesday was the Brickyard with Chris, Dominique, Alicia, Ryan, Tristan and Aaron, then Thursday was open mic poetry at Cafe Du Soliex with Amber, Friday was Lung‘s photography opening, (where I also met wonderful people), and picking up Scott from the airport for Saturday’s Zombiewalk, which was insanely delightful. Sunday was dropping him back at the airport and Steve’s birthday BBQ, where I’m not sure I met anyone, (not enough to get names, at any rate), though I was the last to leave and that rolled right back over into being Monday again.

This week is shockingly empty so far in comparison. I’m going to post a schedule in grand Andrew tradition and go from there, slotting in people and events as they’re planned.
weekly keep track