kissing’s for fictional weekends

two well dressed boys
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Nudity invalidates marriage.

&nbsp I forget the generation gaps in behavioral intimacy. I am lucky in people, they put up with my unusual etiquette. “What planet are you from?” I remember that. Raised away, brought away, none of it mattered until a star fell into me and smoldered there. Ah, yes. This matters, this is language. I speak it differently. I forget. I don’t repent. That would imply that I am contrite to such a degree that I am willing to change behavior basic to me, but no. I am merely sorry. “It’s been such a bad year.” How do I explain discarded? Everything believed in, shed as ruined unwanted skin. A strange theory of relativity twined with honour like snakes on a caduceus stick. What I mean, that everything’s been burned up. The light flared up and devoured everything that used to understand these ripples of meaning. Now I’m learning from scratch. What I know is simple but not inherent.

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Click into shiva system. Welcome to paradise. We are now downloading a version of eden compatible with your system. Any delays are due to the complexity of chakra recognition. Please ignore the tingle you may feel in your third eye. The karma wheel corporation ensures that your stay will be fulfilling. We apologize for your previous life.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp If you have troubles accessing your pineal gland, stay on the line, open yourself to guidance, and you will be spiritually connected to a qualified elemental who will appear to assist you. This may take up to three days of personal growth.

&nbsp Hands like electric lights are not bright enough. I require fire to invite me back to the encampment. Until then, books will do. They’re the one armored thing I can carry without burden. I do not bend under the weight of scientific knowledge, only need. See then what I leave behind to continue. Skills, the charming impotent vision of memory. That television perfect embrace. How he startled when he saw I was there. How he startled when I announced our engagement to the room. The day when I opened my in-box to three deaths. The things found in a heap some time last spring.

*I carry special thanks in me that I found no-one I knew in that entirely beautiful compilation of photographs.