it was a terrible wasteland

Hey all,

Lets get the push on. I know that Sue McIntyre is our local hero, but after you’ve voted for her, let’s see if we can get Michael Green to win the Poetry Face-off. Please cut and paste the section below into an email and send it to your lists, your friends, vote vote vote.

Voting ends tomorrow at midnight for this year’s NPFO, and the grapevine has suggested that the country’s most populace area is benefiting from its higher population base again this year…so WE NEED TO VOTE. Vote now, vote often.

Log on to:

and vote for your favourite CALGARY poet, Michael Green, to balance population with sheer enthusiasm.

The winner will be announced on April 17 at 11 am on CBC Radio One, Sounds Like Canada, by Bill Richardson.

Thanks to all for the help.