I’m training the other guy today. he’s awesome because he’s not a keener

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A Quartet Of Clips From Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth.

Does anyone know of some quick pick-up jobs? My days off sick from work last week, added to my place of employment deciding this month to haul our pay-period back a week, have left me painfully scrambling. They’ve never paid enough for me to have a buffer for this sort of thing. Taking out a week of pay is like assisted suicide. After buying a required bus-pass, I only managed to pay rent by using up my birthday money from my family, leaving me only $20 until the 15th, which will also be wretched, due to my being half a month behind now on all of my bills. It’s this sort of thing that’s been leading me to seek employment elsewhere, somewhere less financially murderous. I’ve been tracking down bagger & tagger jobs, the removal of corpses from crime scenes, but most of them want me to have a drivers license. Something else I don’t have money for.

What do you regret?

The Virtual Stage is putting on a free workshop presentation tonight 7pm at the Roundhouse, Spank! – a new absurdist sci-fi comedy by Andy Thompson (writer of The Birth of Freedom), starring John Murphy, (the Heretic). Ed of techno_fetish and Sam and I are going, maybe a few other people. As it’s free, you should too.