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picture by kenichi hoshine

Vancouver’s outrageous community chorus, The Broadway Chorus, only has two nights left for DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH!, a two-act Broadway extravaganza showing at the Waterfront Theatre on Grandville Island. It’s apparently a fun mix of old classics and new hits from current alt-trendy shows like Spamalot, Urinetown, and Wicked. Adam, who’s in it, used the word “hijinks” in his write-up, which is a pretty good recommendation if you’re into wacky musical theater. Tickets are $16, $11 if reserved in advance from 778.322.7182. As always, doors at 7, show at 8.

If western musical theater isn’t to your taste, allow me to present Koreans sublimely breaking, scratching and beat-boxing a cover of Pachelbel’s Canon in D, (hosted on the always awesome Transbuddha). With thanks to dear Larry for digging it up, I’m wondering if anyone has any leads on whatever else this group has done. I love dignified cultural mash-up’s. I think taking stylistics that evolved from the South Bronx in the 1970s and combining it with a gayageum cover of a baroque german composer is possibly even more brilliant than Dr. Fu Manchu, rocking out on Casio synthesizers.

Similarly beautiful to the Korean clip is the riveting UK promo for the tv show LOST set to Portishead and enchantingly directed by David LaChapelle. (LaChapelle is the man behind Rize, the recent must-see hip-hop documentary). It reminds me of Massive Attack’s video for KarmaComa.

Course, for sheer priceless rock and roll, the winner this week is Superheros. It’s a horrible video with horrible music that with a premise that seems straight out of Spinal Tap, with the band done up like gun-toting soldiers out hunting playboy bunnies. It screams for Women’s History students to set fire to the directors house, but by the end I was laughing too hard to care.

*live streaming video of oysterhead, (Trey Anastasio, Les Claypool, & Stewart Copeland), click now or miss out: link