would have posted this sooner if I’d known

from websnark:

Lea Hernandez Needs Our Help. Seriously.

Lea Hernandez, author and artist of the epic and wonderful Rumble Girls books, a former Transmetropolitan artist, as well as the former editor of Girlamatic, has suffered a terrible house fire. Her family is safe, though they lost some of their pets (two dogs and four cats). They have also lost an incredible number of the necessities of life and of Lea’s business. They have lost most of their clothes. They have lost shelter. They have lost almost all of their media collection. They do not yet know how much of Lea’s original art is gone.

Lea is an incredible person, a firebrand in comics (in Gail Simone’s words, which I agree with), possessed of an iron will and a kind heart. And right now she is in great need, both on her behalf and on behalf of her own family.

I am going to repost what Gail Simone posted, via The Beat, the Talkaboutcomics blog, and other places. We ask everyone who reads this be as generous as possible. Lea has meant a great deal to the webcomics world, the print comics world, the world of graphic novels, the world of art… you name it, she’s had an impact. Let’s show her how wide that impact is.”

barbarian girl, still with wrecked ankle

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This link has everything needed to tell a story and I like it. (and this explains where it came from. thank you Duncan.)

I feel like dancing. I’ve got new super-perfect music playing, the Kaya Project, (yes, go get some), that’s erasing the unfortunate substance of yesterday’s job hunting. It was a slow Monday, the whole day drifting like early morning. It was taking forever to accomplish anything, the thick simple gravity of the world was holding time down. Clear but molasses. I was tooling away at my computer, able to judge for how long, aware of tasks finishing, but unable to grasp how many were left or still needed to be done. My heart felt too light, my head too hollow, like cases made of calcium and ivory, places for quiet telepaths to live in who didn’t need me to be complete.

Vancouver Zombiewalk 2006 CBC Footage.

When my eyes refuse to read advertisements anymore, I’ve been watching video I took of Chris Murdoch doing contact juggling and falling in love all over again with the wonder and awe that he engenders so easily in me. I need to rotate some the video and lighten it before I can share it. Fool with the gamma a little, tweak the curves. It’s magical and a little too dark. My camera can do a lot, but I expect miracles and lately the poor thing’s been flatscreen crashing.

Oh deary me, the things you find on Craiglist…