the fountain was beautiful

Toren, this is for you.

A shadow bringing the young girl’s heart to the wicked queen, killing the wolf that ate grandmother on his way, those huntsmen have another thing coming. It’s a lovely idea, having live mass-produced Disney princesses. There should be more flashlights shining blindly on Das Maus. I especially appreciate how it’s an open invitation to the local women, “hey, come out, show us your differences by emphasizing your similarities.” There’s something crudely emphatic about it that I respond to, that picks at me. I know that if I were within distance, I’d be in there twice a week without fail, donning the plastic wig and splaying on chairs.

Upon the heels of the pronouncement that the Pope is abolishing Limbo, game designer Arnt Jensen has unveiled a charming trailer for a creation of the same name.