I hate ticketmaster

uploaded by Foxtongue.

Nothing from the realtor yet, but the listing has been found on-line. Apparently with this kind of property, I would need 40% down, which means something close to half a million dollars. However, my anger at the world as such is that I don’t particularly see that as much of a detriment. We can still make this happen. Sheer force of will and pulling in every favour I may have ever had claim to might see it through.

Brain-storming is obviously required. Lists of grants, loans, etcetera. My day-job keeps me from devoting as many hours to this as I want to. If you can talk to anyone, friends, family, companies, corporations, who might be interested in being a Patron to the Arts, please do so. Give them my phone number, promise them naked pictures.

Ghost Train tonight. Meeting starts at my place at Seven. We’re leaving for Eight.

Happy Hallowe’en.