tonight, dinner with Aiden

On an odd whim, I’m going to a shooting range in Bellevue with Scott on Tuesday. Tuesday, of all things, is Ladies Night. “The best way to try before you buy.”

It started as a joke, an improbable way to temper the stiff sticky stress surrounding Heart of the World, but it stuck. Never having been to a shooting range, I’ve no idea what it will be like. Guns are a gray area. Normally, rifles are fine, handguns are not, with the logic being that any object made for the express purpose of rendering damage to a human being is unconscionable, but hunting for food is completely acceptable.

I know some of the basic heart-breaking rules. Never put your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to fire; never put a loaded gun down without checking that the safety is on. I wonder what problems being Canadian might inspire. I suppose they’re not going to let me in with bare feet

seriously, that laugh

Sarah put up a post today that I, at first glace, took for an incredibly clever Rabbit-Hole Day entry. Thankfully, gratefully, I was wrong. here it is, in entirety, for your amusement.

I’ve found out this morning that Alan Cumming has his own cologne.


Apparently, it’s pure Man Smell:

“Base notes of leather, peat fire, highland mud, burnt rubber and white truffle ground the scent with rugged sensuality, while the core notes of cigar, heather, Douglas fir and rubber contribute to its sharpness. The fragrance is completed with spicy top notes of bergamot, black pepper, Scotch pine and whiskey.”

The commercial is beyond priceless. It was suggested, (and I utterly agree), there should be a law that boys have to wear eyeliner.