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The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, Vancouver’s only H.P. Lovecraft band, is kicking off DEAD SPACE GOD CENTRAL–their official merch store–with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: The Thickets One-Of-A-Kind, Artsy-Fartsy Charity Prize Pack (TTOOAKAFCPP) which contains:

* a copy of our new CD “The Shadow Out of Tim” autographed by the band*
* a custom made, one-of-a-kind Thickets t-shirt**
* a full complement of five buttons, including the Big Robot Dinosaur, SpaceCorp, and The Math Song (Y=X/5) button, plus stickers.
* dozens of back issues of The People of Innsmouth, the official fanclub newsletter.

* (released in Spring 2007)
** (no black or dark shirts; Toren will work with you to design the shirt of your dreams/nightmares!)

All proceeds go to Vancouver’s Heart of the World multi-disciplinary arts facility – trying to raise half a million bucks for a down payment on the theater!

(package may be delivered in conjunction with the release of the CD, depending on your location or shipping choice).

visit the online store at

swan song

Dear everyone,

&nbsp &nbsp We stand at the beginning of the very last week Heart of the World has to make itself a reality. From here we can only see a brief dazzle of seven days before the fateful Monday that makes or breaks our dream. From here we must stand back and seriously consider how close we stand to our goal.

&nbsp &nbsp And where we stand is quite close.

&nbsp &nbsp If anyone was waiting for just the right time to bring in a Hidden Ace or a Secret Master Plan to win it all, this is exactly it. With one week to go, Heart of the World needs all of us more than ever. We stand near enough to the purchase of the space to smell the sawdust and the fresh paint.

&nbsp &nbsp There’s still plenty that needs to be done. Shares can still be bought by anyone with a couple hundred to spare. Men and women can still set out to spread the gospel of this grand design. Lonely corners of the internet can still be told. Somewhere out there may be the person, place, solution, or idea that gets this place built.

&nbsp &nbsp If you’ve been waiting for later to get involved, later is now.

&nbsp &nbsp Heart of the World is in all probability the first arts center buoyed by the global community. Men and women, artists and audiences, professionals and amateurs from the human multitude have already given their hours, dollars and wishes to this dream. We are all of us carrying the hope and message that human beings care enough about art and each other to come together and create a place like this. For a lot of us, this dream we’re nursing is far, far away in some distant corner of the world we probably haven’t even thought of until this idea came along. Many of us will never see it once it’s built.

&nbsp &nbsp But we will hope and we will dream because none of those details matter. Art matters. Community matters. The Heart of the World matters.

&nbsp &nbsp We have a week. Send us your ideas, your grasps at straws, your clever last minute plans, and yes even your (or your friends’/contacts’/etc.s’) money for a share. This is where it all comes down. This is where the dream becomes real.

&nbsp &nbsp Thank you for your time, your love, and all the hope you’ve given us.

— Jhayne Holmes and the Heart of the World volunteers

pass it on

Tuesday at the Media Club!

An impromptu evening of acoustic music with a multimedia showcase of locally shot concert footage by Joel Flynn from the Vancouver indie media collective “the karmafia”. First acoustic set at 8pm followed by a video presentation in support of featuring concert footage from The National, Joseph Arthur, and The Tragically Hip. A second acoustic set will follow at 10 pm, and a potential open acoustic jam for any interested players.

The evening will be in support of “The Heart of the World Theatre” project, see for more info on HotW. Cost $5 or cash donation at the door.