children of men much?

Offshore abortion women’s group is given licence again:

An “abortion ship” is planning to sail to countries where the practice is illegal and take women out to sea for terminations after the Dutch Government lifted restrictions banning it from international waters.

… Under the terms of its licence, the group is able to sail under the Dutch flag in international waters and hand out “abortion pills” for women up to seven weeks pregnant, causing them to have a miscarriage.

I find it perturbing that this is required yet proud that it exists. I had an argument with an ex once over the term pro-choice, because though he believed it should be the woman’s choice to terminate the pregnancy or not, he mistakenly believed that because he would wish to keep it, he was anti-choice.

FYI: Miscarriages can be safely induced using only Parsley and Vitamin C. Pass that info on.

please note the comments to this article as well, if you go. they’re even more interesting when clustered by location.

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