I’m at $90 when I need to be closer to $250

The ticket’s been booked. I’m going, getting on a plane December 1st.

I’m still fund-raising though, so please feel free to take advantage of the ten dollar offer while it still stands.

To re-cap: In an effort to fundraise for a short trip to Alberta the first week of December, I’ve begun selling digital prints on commission for ten dollars each. So, in return for ten dollars, I take a photo and send it as a file large enough to be printed. My pay pal address is bloodkrystal at the hot mail dotty com.


St. James infirmary
This one went to author John Robinson, director of needcoffee.com,
the 2006 Bloggies Winner of Best-Kept-Secret Weblog.
don't even sing about it
This one went to Stephen Smith, Canadian software tech,
writer and co-founder of 365 Tomorrows.