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anonymous vs scientology

The global protests were today. Already someone’s been chosen as a mascot, an Australian girl in a HELLO KITTY t-shirt and a gas-mask, but me, I like this photo from the London protest* better.

Vancouver allegedly had a head-count of about 150, though it was quiet when I dropped by, maybe around 80 people standing on either side of the street. Lots of V for Vendetta masks, though there weren’t very many signs. The Scientologists were holding up a banner saying YOUTH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS. Other cities had much better luck or were better organized. Warren’s Whitechapel has a thread for collecting news, and there’s some really good pictures being collected by someone on Livejournal who’s doing a fairly thorough job of it: Europe and Australia, United States.

*click on that, it looks like it was brilliant fun.

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