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Vancouver Public Space presents Pirates of the SeaBus Today.

“Arrrgh matey! Come join us for our next exciting party in public space. Find a parrot and slap on your eye patch… and then join fellow public space revellers at the SeaBus platform at Waterfront Station.

We’ll be hoisting the skull and crossbones and singing pirate shanties as we journey to North Vancouver. After we sack the city (just kidding) we return to Vancouver we’ll parade to a top-secret public space location and carry on the merriment. There’ll be music and fine pirate merriment. Best of all, there will be gold dubloons to be had by all.”

They’ve posted some last-minute information for those who’ve signed up to the Facebook Event. Here’s an edited-to-summarize version:

Our plan is to take the 8:40pm SeaBus over to North Vancouver, sing pirate songs along the way (thanks to our two acoustic pirate bands), hang out there for a wee bit and be back in Van within the hour. From there, we’re going to visit at least one public space in the downtown core, possibly two.

(1) If we can’t fit everyone on the first Seabus, there will be a wait of approximately 1/2 hour for the second Seabus. If this happens – please be chill, there will be a band to entertain you.

(2) Please keep your ears open. We’ll be passing along key instructions throughout the adventure and we’ll need your help in moving fellow pirates from one site to another.

(3) Please be respectful of any Translink/security folks that we encounter en route. Remember to buy your ticket.

(4) Please be especially nice to any folks who may just be SeaBus users of the non-pirate variety. Our message is: boat of pirates = good fun. Please help to spread that message

Post SeaBus, there will be a brief parade to the downtown public space(s).

Remember, pirates are respectful of their allies. We’re asking everyone to pitch in to keep the good vibe going, because transit parties like this will only last as long as everyone behaves in a reasonable fashion.

We appreciate your help.

Onward to Pirate Glory!

-Vancouver Public Space Pirate Team

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