renegade lantern festival


The Illuminares Lantern Procession will be happening this evening.

pretty typical

6 pm -11:30pm at Trout Lake at John Hendry Park.

Twenty years ago, Illuminares started as a thirty person house party that made lanterns, walked them around the park, then burned them at the beach. The next year, there were double the people, the year after that, even more. Now it’s an annual event which brings wonder to over 30,000 people. People show up with custom lanterns of all shapes and sizes, ranging from simple paper bags with a tealight candle to large complicated structures. Stilt-walkers, costumes, fire breathers, and topless wish-faries are de rigeur. As Public Dreams is not hosting it this year, we’re going back to basics. The audience, once again, are the organizers. Performances will be spontaneous and lanterns will be brought from home – technically, we are all just enjoying the good company of friends.

Because this is not an “official event” please be extra responsible. All of the things that require funding – like floodlights, vendors, fireworks, emergency personnel, outhouses, and, of course, permits – will not be happening this year. As there are no permits, it is almost certain that the Vancouver Police will show up to shut us down, so if you see anything that is of concern, call people on it, and make sure to use camp-ground rules: leave everything better than you found it. Remember, too, this is a family event with lots of children, so try to keep it dry.

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