artpost: how awesome is that?

I adore my in-box. This just came in from a sculptor friend of mine, Chris Hausbeck:


This coming Saturday, October 18th my assistant Dawn Exton and I will introduce the massive mechanical sculpture ‘Inside Hausbeck’s Head-Keeshen Delight No.9’.

All are invited to join us starting at 5:00 until 10:00 for a reception and close viewing of the mechanism.

This mechanism will propel a 500 lb. clown head to a height of 50 feet out of the top of a 150 year old grain silo on the grounds of Wild Bill’s Nostalgia on rt. 3 in middletown, ct. (map)

We have constructed a giant 1200 lb. device, counter weighted with a twisted ball of steel, bone, glass, wood and implements of destruction rising and falling twelve feet through the floors.

Attached are some images and a more complete story in my flickr set.

install day 097

I sincerely hope all will be able to join us for this monumental event and help celebrate this amazing sculpture.

Cheers, Chris Hausbeck