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Scott writing about Opening For Tricky, “You love a guy’s music for 14 years and a quarter of the conversation you have with him is “LOOK! MY PHONE GOES WOO-WOO!””

Today has been all sorts of determined costume panic, as eBay payment problems proliferated beyond belief. Eventually the place which relisted the one I won while I was having issues with their check-out even offered me a free costume to make up for the hassle, that’s how bad it got. (I told them it wasn’t necessary, as I never managed to actually give them any money, but they’ve insisted, so help me pick one?). The days were running by like a Bukowski novel, all wild horses and too little time, drawn out in sentences that only ended when a gun fired or the sun went down, but a very nice lady somewhere in California completely saved me, and has mailed one overnight to a mail-drop in Point Roberts, which means I’ll have my costume in time for the Parade of Lost Souls, Vancouver’s only Hallowe’en party. Which spares me murdering someone, which I appreciate.

In other news, David and I finally got to spend a nice evening with some of our new neighbors. (Nice, sane, geeky people have been replacing the cracked out addles who riddled the building when I first moved in.) We met them as I was climbing up onto the roof to take a picture of an amazing rainbow that cradled the east yesterday evening. There I was, up a ladder, obviously where I’m not supposed to be, industriously removing the trapdoor padlock, when from behind and below me, someone clears a throat – a situation that could have gone badly. Thankfully, it wasn’t the landlord, but a sweet new friend who took us in for dinner and giggles with his incredible girlfriend until almost midnight. Now I’m extra glad of where I live. We might be holding onto the edge of the Drive by the scraped edge tips of our fingernails, but it’s worth it.

Nagi Noda’s final music video: Precious, for Japanese pop singer Meg.

in other news

  • Making Canned Halloween Monstrosities

    The Here Be Monsters Carnival of the Arts is on again.

    David and I took Nicole and volunteered at the opening night cabaret at the Chapel, the re-purposed funeral home down behind the Princess Hotel. (A skeezy neighborhood, but venues are venues and you work with what you’ve got.) We had a surprising amount of fun for standing at a door and collecting loose change from people. The show was good, if a bit bizarre, the art had enough hits to make up for the misses, and I reconnected with Ashley, someone I liked seeing every week when I worked at the Dance Center. I’m looking forward to going back on Wednesday, Thursday and maybe Friday for the Showoff Festival, their “lite” version of Theater Under the Gun. (Tenth anniversary, no less, how time flies.)

    Would anyone else like to come? It’s free if you volunteer.

  • Making Monstrous Paper-Mache Pumpkins