camels aren’t that breakable (today I moved desks, so now I have a window.)

Sleepwalking through the calendar like a hollow teenage love song, this week has been difficult in new ways I should be used to, where I’m always a thousand miles away from everything around me, living under glass, behind my skin, too tired to remember there are different ways to feel. So instead I’m here, walking the line like Johnny Cash, beating my head against the virtual glass, wondering if I’ll ever escape or if I’m simply going to be always trapped here, only leaving in slow motion, in drips and dribbles, like an easily bruised fairy tale character only waking from sleep once a year, just long enough to take one bite of enchanted bread before my gray eyes slowly dim of electrical light again, filling instead with thinning, silvery cardboard dreams.

Out in the world, good things are happening:

Lung, who is back! in ! town!, won the grand prize in the photo essay portion of the Expose Your World contest, which means he’s just won a trip to Tasmania for him and Mel, a damned sweet lens and camera, and some being pinned to my bed as I noogie him into letting me borrow his “old” not-as-awesome-as-his-new-camera. (Also, rumour says Claire just won something prestigious over in France-land. Go Claire!)

David (Schwartz), through some esoteric process even more awesome than usual, is now a Nebula Award-nominated Author running against authors like Cory Doctorow, Ursula Le Guin, and Terry Pratchett with his novel Superpowers. (Take that Publishers Weekly, right in the fork!)

Eliza has a new painting featured in This Is The End, a California art show an hour south of San Fransisco, alongside the famous, yet improbably named Chet Zar. She’s also starring in Warren’s latest take-it-to-the-masses comic book, Ignition City.

Toren (and Jay) are presenting Toren’s 10th Annual Saturday Morning Cartoon Party at the Rio, complete with weird imported cereal like Frankenberry, Booberry and UK Chocolate Shreddies. I have it on good authority that if at least 30 people attend each one, it will become a regular thing.

Chris is starring in a circus show at the PNE Garden Auditorium, 1 pm and 7 pm daily, March 12-15, with the Avatar Circus Project, part of the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad.

Jason has a show of his oil paintings at the Exposed Gallery, 4225 N. 7th Ave, just north of Indian School, Pheonix, Arizona. Also, three of his paintings are in the current Phoenix New Times.

Back at the home front, most of my evenings have been spent glued to my dying computer, merrily aggravating my nigh terminal RSI by slogging through the thousands of photos my shaky computer has been threatening to delete, trying to rescue them, pluck out the best, and polish them up, because Kyle “freaking” Cassidy has asked that we put a book together.

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