and it’s root root root for the home team

A shoal of robotic fish which can detect pollution in the water are set to released into the sea off Spain.

Does anyone in Portland have a spare couch Jon from the UK could use for a couple of days next week? He’s spent the last few days at my place, an exemplary guest, Vancouver being the first stop in his couch surfing trip down the Pacific coast, all the way to Mexico.

Extreme Sheep Herding: What happens when you cover sheep in nets of LEDs and play pong with them.

today: plus ten for attending the lock-picking session. minus several hundred for missing breakfast.

Matt “blackbelt” Jones is a clever, clever man, enough so that his spiffy keen blog is in my bookmark folder marked Required Reading right next to my favourite traveler, adventurer and corporate anthropologist, Jan Chipchase. Today’s good news: Matt’s wicked design reaction to Keep Calm and Carry On, Get Excited and Make Things, has been turned into a t-shirt!

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