who’s up for making some noise?

A composer friend recently took up the pen again after a very long hiatus and is looking for local musicians willing to perform his finished music. I can assure you he’s fun, his work is top notch, and you won’t be disappointed. Here’s the basic info:

* It’s 149 bars, running at just over 10 minutes in length;
* The instrumentation is for french horn, violin, viola, ‘cello and baritone/low tenor vocalist (range: F-sharp below Middle C to G one and a half octaves above Middle C). A vocalist with training/experience for singing on the stage is preferred, but not absolutely necessary;
* The primary key is D major, with a few modulations to A major, E major, B-flat major, and B minor (not necessarily in that order). The time signature is 6/8.

If you happen to know of anybody who plays any of the above instruments, (including yourselves), and would be willing to give this music a try, please let me know and I’ll put you in touch with him. Thanks in advance!

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