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Aardvark said:
You there? I have a question about **secret agent**.
Andrew Ferguson said you might be able to answer it.

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devastation jhayne, she said:

Aardvark said:
(From Nikhil B./22/M/Stanford,US)
How does one get to be a member of KGB?

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devastation jhayne, she said:
write a book about an old man and the sea

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Great — I’ve sent that to Nikhil. Thanks for the fast answer!
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aferguson says:
“FYI: Jhayne Holmes just answered Nikhil’s question about **government**. Thanks for the referral!"

COILHOUSE 3 is on sale now!

COILHOUSE, the smoothly wicked paper-child of Nadya, Zoetica, and darling Mer, is now selling Issue 3!

Today, to celebrate, they’ve posted a tour of the magazine, which includes such treats as Xeni Jardin riding a unicorn, a searing collection of photographs from the Kowloon Walled City, and a Brief Tour of Pre-War Russian Pulp by author Jess Nevins.


I can’t even pretend I’ve the extra money, but I’ve already bought my copy. It’s the only magazine I buy. I love COILHOUSE like I loved Mondo 2000, not only as a beautiful magazine stuffed with the sort of fascinating ideas that help shape our culture into more what I want it to be, but also as a lovingly crafted, stylish, sleek, and super sexy art object d’fetish. They’re so pretty I leave them conspicuously out when I am done reading them, solid space advertising, so guests to my home will see them and take note.

Also, for the hardcore fan, which I can not afford to be, they also have t-shirts and stickers.