truth can only be ignored so long

more than a legend (play on mute) evolution illustrated by time-lapse using
almost flip book animation of photos of fossil evidence.

“I was just thinking of the sound my dress made on the pavement last night. That swish.” I replied, thinking it was the sort of sound that gets into my teeth.

“Oh yes?”

“Which reminds me of Michael and how I need to track down why I am so monumentally, incredibly angry with him.”

We step into the park, under the verge of trees. In front of us is a small soccer field, the park next to my apartment, which we are walking to. The grass, in the fresh new darkness, looks black.

“I didn’t know you were.” His tone is careful, an attempt at neutrality.

“I must be profoundly hurt to be so angry. I need to track down why.”

Out from under the trees, it’s possible to see stars. The blurry colour of their light through my scratched glasses reminds me of the improbable pale blue of his eyes.


“Actually, that’s a lie. I know exactly why, but I need the very precise words for it. I need to be able to vivisect my hurt if I expect to present it properly. I don’t think I could bear being misunderstood again. There’s only so many times I can break my own heart.”

“Has something unexpected happened?”

I look down at my feet, walk slower. It is hard, for a moment, not to pull away my hand.

“Yes and no. Worse than that. I needed him to surprise me, to prove me wrong, more than you can imagine, more than I knew, and we’re shattering under the weight of it, how he’s just like everybody else.”

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