Keep the Jigsaw Renaissance going strong.


Darling Willow, head mischief maker and leader of the Seattle-based Jigsaw Renaissance makerspace.

Jigsaw has recently moved to a beautiful new home on Capitol Hill, but requires more community support in order to stay there, as the rent is higher in the new space than it was in the warehouse district warren it inhabited before. Do you need regular access to a makerspace or know someone who does? Join now! Membership gives you access to various tools, a machineshop, a get-your-hands-dirty peergroup, and a sturdy workbench to use them all on. When I was there late last week as part of their Saturday open house, there were 3d printed earrings, night-vision capable copper robots, and a fuzzed out rubber band mint-tin guitar on display, someone was playing Bach on a digital reproduction of a pipe organ, and one table was completely surrounded by people arm in arm, acting as human conductors for the electricity needed for an LED display.

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