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File Taxes

My mother came over last weekend and stayed until four in the morning helping me figure out how to fill out my taxes. Turns out the reason I couldn’t make heads nor tails of any of it was that I was missing an essential piece of paperwork. Without this bit of paperwork, the main form can’t be filled out. Problem solved. All that’s left is some adding.

Finish Highschool

A completed application to sit the test at VCC on July 9th and 10th has been faxed to the Ministry of Education. I’m not sure the next step, if I receive confirmation or not, but I’m sure it will be fine.

Learn to drive

I passed my written Learner’s test today. My official Learner’s License will arrive in the mail in the next six weeks. Next step: unearthing patient friends with cars. Also, bizarrely, I was told I have two skytrain tickets, from a time when I did not live in Vancouver.


Next thing to do is tidy all the clutter, push some furniture into the livingroom, and cover everything else in sheets. If I were more together, this would be done by Friday, so the cat-hair could settle while I was away and it would be ready to smoothly paint when I come back to Canada. As is, left to my own devices, the best I will likely manage is to beat down most of the mess.

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