living in the eye of a needle

  • Men and Women Entrepreneurs: Not That Different

    I only have one Young Drivers Of Canada classroom lesson left, on December 9th. Except for that, it’s now all about learning in an actual vehicle, something I’m terribly nervous about. Lori gave me a very sweet lesson in her pick-up truck when she was in town last week, out in a parking lot along Spanish Banks, one of the most beautiful spots in Vancouver. It was nice to see her, nice to be a student, nice to be out of my apartment. She was remarkably patient, and though she says I did great, I’m still mourning the imaginary bumper I clipped while practicing parking.

    In other news, my quest to list everything I own for sale seems to be going well. Not only have people been putting dibs on my books, I’ve been getting a positive reaction from my Craigslist ads too. I can’t overstate how good I feel about this. I didn’t start this project to get rich, after all, but to find some relief. My debts are intense, ravenous things with sharp, horrible teeth, and any extra five dollars I can conjure to feed them makes my life better. Once they are gone, I’ll be able to save for myself, and maybe even, le gasp, go to school!

    Tomorrow I plan on going through my mending box and seeing how much there is worth saving, as well as setting aside some time to actually fix what’s left. I’m also going to bring books to the post office to calculate shipping, return all of the household’s bottles and cans for bus-change, and maybe meet some friends for tea. Not the most thrilling plans, but enough, I think, to see me through a day without falling into unemployment depression.

    P.s. I have a bag of clothes to donate to charity, does anyone have a particular favourite?