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365:2011.01.30 - Once upon a time there was a girl who composed love letters inside her head as she was falling asleep

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” -Carl Jung

Once upon a time there was a girl who composed love letters inside her head as she was falling asleep, words in white against the darkness in her lids. She would lie and listen to his breathing, wondering what would be important later, wondering at the odds. In her hands, his, fingers laced, his death-grip a silent promise. She would kiss him goodnight, the angles of his body in the dark the same shape as the word home, while in the center of her body a garden of tightly wrapped desert flowers began to find purchase, patiently waiting for the right conditions to finally flourish into bloom.


I’ve been enjoying being more social lately. Jay came over earlier this week, as well as Joshua, Nadia, and Brian, and though I haven’t been spending as much time with Arron as I would like, we’ve been speaking every day, which is it’s own sort of treat, as it makes me warm to hear how I make him smile. It’s good to be rebuilding, seeing people who shake me out of habit, remind me that there is more to the world than looking for work.

Today I’m living off oranges, peeling them with chipped silver fingernails, satisfied to be curled up in bed with my laptop with no plans at all except for job hunting and a driving lesson later, though tomorrow I will venture outside. I will dress up my smile, put feathers in my hair, and walk over to The Prophouse Cafe, the highly eccentric coffee shop on Venebles across from Uprising Breads, and settle in for Shadow On The Land, a beautiful evening of music and enchantment, the listening party for Jess Hill‘s darling new album-to-be, Orchard. Mind of a Snail will be performing, too, with everything kicking off at 8 pm.

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