1. This is not a love letter.
2. I am tired of self sacrifice.
3. Every snowflake, however unique, is still made of water.
4. Beauty is becoming a stranger because of people like you.
5. Wounded sparrow tongues do not fly.
6. There are no mitigating circumstances.
7. Infidelity is still infedelity.
8. Make up your mind beforehand.
9. I am my own bloody Cassandra.
10. Happy unwanted birthday to matching little me.

Who, if I screamed, would hear me among the angels?
and even if one of them pressed me suddenly against his heart
I would be consumed in that overwhelming existence.
For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror,
which we are still just able to endure,
as it threatens to annihilate us.

every angel is terrifying.

~ rilke ~

The spirit of this is catching on.

off to wreak havoc

Atticus has kindly donated us an mp3 of The Kinks – The Village Green Preservation Society.

Tonight is Korean Movie Night. Meet at 8:30 at the psychic lady building. Come now, before it gets too popular. Then you can tell everyone that you were before there the night the universe imploded because there were too many people in one room.