artpost: a moment of singularity


The installation is comprised of 80,000 main plates, (the main movement plate that forms the foundation of all watches), suspended in the air like a frozen rain of intricately crafted gold coins. It makes me think of cinematic bullet-time but also of mythical places, as if this room were found during one of Sinbad’s adventures.

Found via FeelDesain.

that thunderclap threatehed to break my window

Alastair’s footage of inside the Raja theatre has been put up on YouTube.

I can’t tell if enthusiasm about Heart of the World is flagging because of the holidays or from the misconception that we’ve managed to get the down-payment together already. To clarify, we’ve raised the $48,000 deposit, not the $500,000 down-payment. Until we get it together, we’re dead in the water. I recommend writing anyone you think might be interested in financing the project. Every little bit helps.